We all knew it was just a matter of time before John Kasich abandoned his calls to repeal the Ohio income tax—a proposal he offered solely to fend off a primary challenge by throwing the reddest of red meat the the reddest voters in the State of Ohio.

Today, John Kasich’s campaign spokesman claimed in a published media report that Kasich “hasn’t specifically called for eliminating the income tax and that all budget issues should be considered.”   

The problem is that while Kasich has gradually pulled back on his rhetoric about repealing the income tax, until now, his campaign has steadfastly maintained that he was running to repeal Ohio’s income tax. 

For the three years prior to “officially” announcing his gubernatorial bid, Kasich toured the State as part of his PAC, Recharge Ohio, whose central platform was the repeal of the Ohio income tax.  As you can imagine, nearly four years of running on repealing the income tax creates quite the trail:

If John Kasich hasn’t been running on repealing on repealing Ohio’s income tax, then his campaign did a lousy job in correcting people for over the past year.

Having ran, almost, the entire time Governor Strickland has been in office, on a platform for repealing Ohio’s income tax, after getting almost every Republican in the legislature to sponsor legislation supporting it, Kasich’s campaign is idiotic to think that they can get away with claiming that Kasich “never” called for the repeal of the income tax.

Unless this media report is somehow wrong, John Kasich has been caught in one of the worst flip flops in Ohio political history.  He’s now running AGAINST what had been the central tenet of his entire candidacy.