I’m sorry, but it’s just comical how a guy who worked on the Hill can be so wrong about legislation he writes about.

Today, the Carpetblogger attacked Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy for saying that she voted against the TARP.

Do you think her Big Labor friends will be ticked off when they find out Kilroy wasn’t even in congress when TARP was voted on?

Do you think that the NRCC is going to be ticked off after they tweeted about Keeling’s post when they realized that Kilroy was in Congress to vote on TARP?

Back in January 22, 2009, Kilroy voted against the release of the second part of the TARP funds.  The day before, Kilroy voted to place strict restrictions on companies receiving TARP funds.

By a vote of 260 to 166, the House agreed to require recipients of government cash to prove they are using the money to increase lending to consumers and small businesses, limit their ability to use the money to finance mergers, and bar them from paying bonuses to their top executives until the money is repaid.

The measure also would require President Obama to dedicate at least $40 billion to help distressed homeowners avoid foreclosure, in part by creating a “safe harbor” that would protect loan servicers that modify troubled mortgages from lawsuits by investors in those mortgages.

Just for Keeling’s benefit, let me provide the first and second roll call votes Kilroy cast against the TARP.


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