Reading Mike Harden’s column in today’s Columbus Dispatch, you can’t help but think we’ve lost something in the art of good newspaper column writing.  You have to read what he had to say about the irony of the Arizona immigration “papers, please” law.

But when he zeros in on Kasich he points out that this emperor has no clothes:

Early appraisals of the political value of Kasich’s book Every Other Monday: Twenty Years of Life, Lunch, Faith and Friendship between now and the election are generally accurate. To suggest that he has suddenly discovered true north on the compass of moral certitude this close to Election Day is a little foolish. However, he has just enough chutzpah to raise the topic of moral value in the face of his work for Lehman Brothers and to try to bury that issue well before Labor Day.

And what will that leave for Strickland? The problems besetting Ohio when Strickland took office could not have been solved in one term. But we don’t want legislators and statesmen and stateswomen. We want the next crooner of American Idol singing Jesus Take the Wheel.


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