From the daily archives: Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I’m sorry, but it’s just comical how a guy who worked on the Hill can be so wrong about legislation he writes about.

Today, the Carpetblogger attacked Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy for saying that she voted against the TARP.

Do you think her Big Labor friends will be ticked off when they find out Kilroy wasn’t even in congress when TARP was voted on?

Do you think that the NRCC is going to be ticked off after they tweeted about Keeling’s post when they realized that Kilroy was in Congress to vote on TARP?

Back in January […]

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John Kasich learned today what happens when you go from Sean Hannity to a show called “Hardball.”

I’ve never seen Kasich more uncomfortable during an interview.  Did he not realize that Matthews would want to talk about his documentary.

Apparently, John Kasich thinks that not making him Governor after he worked for Lehman Brothers is “punishing success….”

Maybe he should read those passages in his book about humility again?

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The Columbus Dispatch notes the questions being raised by the Fisher campaign over Rob Portman’s, shall we say…. evolving attitude towards TARP over the years?

The man who campaigned for passage of the bailout fund has taken a variety of stances since then about the program’s worth and how to proceed, from using some of the money for buying distressed mortgages to granting a payroll-tax suspension “holiday” to deficit reduction, Fisher’s campaign says.

Portman’s stance has consistently been that the program shouldn’t continue indefinitely and that as much money as possible should be returned to taxpayers in the […]

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The Associated Press has an explosive story that shows that Kasich campaign spokesman Scott Milburn instructed state pension executives friendly to the Kasich campaign what to tell the media about revelations of state pension losses attributed to Lehman Bros.

A message obtained by The Associated Press was sent May 3 amid efforts by Democrats to tie the Lehman losses to Kasich. The GOP candidate for governor worked for a time at the now-defunct investment bank.

In the e-mail, Kasich spokesman Scott Milburn told an Ohio Public Employee Retirement System executive to explain that not all the money it […]

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Talking Points Memo cites Governor Strickland’s campaign as a model for incumbent Democrats.

It cites the NRA endorsement, he defining Kasich early as part of Lehman Brothers, and the aggressive campaign for rural voters in traditionally Republican leaning areas in Ohio touting the NRA endorsement.

I do think that the Strickland campaign has been running a very effective campaign in a much tougher environment than what we had in 2006.  I also agree that one of the things that is helping them is that the Kasich campaign is not running a very effective campaign at all and seems […]

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Reading Mike Harden’s column in today’s Columbus Dispatch, you can’t help but think we’ve lost something in the art of good newspaper column writing.  You have to read what he had to say about the irony of the Arizona immigration “papers, please” law.

But when he zeros in on Kasich he points out that this emperor has no clothes:

Early appraisals of the political value of Kasich’s book Every Other Monday: Twenty Years of Life, Lunch, Faith and Friendship between now and the election are generally accurate. To suggest that he has suddenly discovered true north on the […]

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