From the Hamilton Pulse Journal:

“What a piece of artwork that just gets your attention,” Jacobs said. “It’s something that when you see it, it’s always embedded in your mind.”

How true…

Said 41-year-old Oxford resident Kimberly McAllister: “When I heard about it, my first thought was ‘How am I going to find Monroe now?’ ”

How ’bout that Exit sign you’ve never seen that says “Monroe” because you were too busy staring at the Holy Interstate Son of God?

“I think it’s a sign of the end of the world,” said Paul Wright, 21, of Oxford. “If lightning is going to strike God, then there’s no hope.”

I hope that was snark.

“He will be back,” Lawson said in a trembling voice as a tear trickled down his cheek. “Keep your faith strong. He will be rebuilt back… if everybody in the United States would quit driving down this highway and calling him Touchdown Jesus. He’s not Touchdown Jesus, he’s our Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Unless “he’ll” arise in three days, it was just a statue.  A totally replaceable statue as evidenced by… the church announcing it will replace it.

The Rev. Lamar Ferrell, pastor of Berachah Baptist Church in Middletown, called the statue just a 62-foot, wood and Styrofoam replica of Christ.

“That wasn’t Jesus,” he said. “Jesus is alive and well.”

HE gets it!

The religious symbolism that has grabbed hold of Protestant culture in some instances, such as a giant statue of Jesus, is something that Martin Luther, the German leader of the Protestant reformation, would have abhorred, according to Liz Wilson, chair of Miami University’s department of comparative religion.

“Luther’s idea of ‘only through scripture,’ sola scriptura, means that you really don’t want to clutter up your religious space with images and yet there’s Paul Bunyan when you drive up 75 and oh no, it’s not Paul Bunyan, it’s Jesus,” she said.

Better talk Miami student Paul Wright down, Dr. Wilson.

By the way, did you know that the lighting actually struck the right hand of the Son of God?

Neu said indications are lightning struck the right hand of the statue. 911 calls received by Monroe and Warren County dispatchers confirm witnesses saw the hand on fire first.

Best 911 call ever:

The first caller traveling south on I-75 said “a bolt of lighting” had hit the statue.

The dispatcher responded, “Jesus is on fire.”

Maybe not…

“The giant Jesus’ right hand is on fire, is it supposed to be that way?” she asked the dispatcher.

Um, no, it’s not.  Jesus wasn’t a Level 12 wizard, last I checked.

Interesting Plunderbund stats of the day: 1/3 of people coming to the site have come to read about Big Butter Jesus today alone.  Our traffic has spiked today, and we’ve literally gone global in ways we ordinarily haven’t gone.  Despite the time difference, we’ve been read today completely around the globe.  That hasn’t happened since Tim and I came onto the site.

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