Today, Dirk Thompson from 610 WTVN, a talk radio host in Columbus played a clip from an interview John Kasich gave an interview to Brian Wilson of Newstalk 1370 WSPD last week in which Kasich talks about his gun views.  (So, Kasich now we know that Kasich will be accessible to right-wing talk radio in Ohio, Fox News, but not the Ohio newspapers and television stations.) Let’s all take a listen to see how that goes:


When asked if Kasich would support re-instituting an assaults weapons plan like he support multiple times in the 1990s, Kasich says “he doesn’t think so.”  Anything less than an emphatic no will not, nor should not, satisfy gun rights advocates.  And Kasich left a ton of wiggle room.  And I said yesterday, I don’t think Kasich’s regret that the federal assault weapons ban wasn’t effective is the kind of thing that goes over well with pro-gun rights activists.  That, and his prior answer, suggests that Kasich would support gun restrictions if he can be convinced that they are effective.  And effective for what?

But then Kasich tries to personalize the issue by bringing up his wife (again… Kasich’s campaign has an odd fascination with constantly bringing up his wife and kids).  Except that he totally botches it by saying that “they tell me” that his own wife may be taking shooting lessons this summer…  Kasich has people telling him, other than his own wife, what his wife is doing?  Really?

John Kasich’s voting record and complete inability to speak the language of a gun rights supporter compared to Ted Strickland’s solid pro-gun record in Congress and Governor is exactly why the NRA really had no choice but to endorse Strickland yesterday or lose all credibility on the  issue.

The Carpetblogger, Naugle, and the rest of the Kasich noise machine can bloviate all they want.  It’s not going to work.