Well, this should end well.

Jim Heath over at ONN just tweeted:

“Ohio Republicans dropping NRA memberships. Encouraging others to join gun owners of America.”

Yes, the Ohio Republicans should drop their membership to the NRA and join yet another gun rights group that positively will not be endorsing John Kasich in the fall after his multiple anti-gun votes.

By all means, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine, please, please, PLEASE declare war on the NRA during a critical election season.

Tell every sportsman and gun owner in Ohio that if they stand with the NRA for supporting a Democrat who supports them on their issues over a Republican who doesn’t, well…. then they can forget about having a place within the Ohio Republican Party.

Take your ball.  By all means, go home.  It’s the only way these gun folks will understand that their votes belong to you and not to the issues.

Burn your NRA membership cards at the nearest country club John Kasich can get into (or have the help do it for the cameras.)  Please, I’m begging you, turn this one day news story into a week long process story about how the Ohio GOP is disowning an organization that would otherwise be supporting your state legislative candidates in several key districts until you insulted them with your boycott.  Get every GOP candidate for Congress out there right now blasting the NRA and its members for putting policy over party!  Get Chabot, Stivers, Ganley, the whole crew!

Look, I think Speaker Budish might even have a lighter you can borrow… if you can just wait until the media cameras get there.

Whatever you do, don’t fail to overreact to one endorsement and give the Governor only one day of stories from this event.  By all means, let’s make this a story that arches all the way to November up and down the ticket.

Get Rob Portman and the GOP legislative leadership to call the NRA “commies” or something.  Please let every gun right advocate in this State know that you cannot tolerate them not endorsing a candidate who supported an assault weapons ban, opposed efforts to repeal it, and voted to restrict handgun ownership over a Democrat who faithfully supported the NRA member’s issues.

Please keep it up, and you’re bound to get your base united in time for the fall.

By all means, attack the NRA.  After all, what could possibly go wrong?