Jon Keeling is pinning his hopes that the NRA would do something they’ve never been known for doing.  He’s saying it’s a question whether the NRA will actually back up this endorsement by spending any money to promote it with its members.

I guess in Keeling’s world, anything anyone asks is a legitimate question, even if it comes from Keeling for no other reason than to create some way to deflect from Kasich not being endorsed by the NRA.

I don’t think there’s any question that the NRA would leak the news of this endorsement to the national media, travel the state today and tomorrow with the Governor, and weigh in this early on this particular race unless they weren’t prepared to make a statement with this race.  But Keeling thinks, with no evidence, that there’s some question about how seriously the NRA will go against a Republican who supported a gun ban and opposed efforts by the NRA to repeal it.


But here’s why Keeling had to make up this “debate.”  Because when the NRA weighs in on a race, it’s over.

According to the NRA-ILA’s website, they’ve been very successful in getting their endorsed candidates elected recently:

In the 2008 elections, NRA resources were more widely deployed in more critical battles than ever before. Millions of dollars were spent on direct campaign donations, independent campaign expenditures and on mobilizing the most aggressive grassroots operation in NRA history. In 2009 and in preparation for 2010, NRA-ILA will build on that grassroots organization with continued programs to effectively communicate with NRA members and others.

In 2008, NRA-PVF was involved in 271 campaigns for the U.S. House and Senate, winning in 230 of those races (85%).

In 2008, NRA-PVF endorsed thousands of candidates running in state legislative races and achieved an 84% success rate in those elections.

Yep, that SURE does sound like an organization that’s not planning to do much to back up their endorsements.  Seriously, these clowns wouldn’t be allowing their heads to be seen exploding all over the Internet if this wasn’t, as VP Biden said, this wasn’t a “BFD.”

John Kasich went to the Tea Party rallies last year to try to present himself as one of them.  They called him out on his gun record.  He didn’t go back this year.

The notion that the NRA is just going to send a postcard to their members telling them to vote for Strickland ignore two well-established realities: 1) they’ve never done just that for candidate they supported; 2) their postcards are more effective to turn out gun voters than anything the GOP has done for candidates NOT endorsed by the NRA.

The Strickland campaign is campaigning tomorrow with a representative of the NRA tomorrow in counties that went for Strickland in 2006, but McCain in 2008.  They’re ALREADY MAXIMIZING the endorsement.

And it appears that neither Kasich nor the ORP saw it coming.  Now, they’re praying the NRA gets the flu come November…