You have to remember that any post to the Kasich-Taylor campaign’s suggestion box is cleared by someone in the campaign before they allow it to actually be posted on the website.  With that in mind:

Add Ohio to the list of states that do not have an income tax. Then people with high-incomes will come here to live and spend their high incomes. Cut back on some of the expensive social programs so the people who live here who have little money will go to another state that has better social programs they can live off of.
Submitted by Alan

Somehow I actually think this was already the Kasich-Taylor plan for Ohio.

One week into it and statewide media attention, and the Kasich campaign has only posted sixty postings.  Almost all of them came from people on Facebook who already supported Kasich, and they mostly write in support of Kasich’s plan to repeal the income tax, like Alan.  However, one commenter admitted that it would need to be followed by an increase in the sales tax.

There’s a few anti-union posts.  That’s it.

Only 1% of people who follow Kasich on Facebook have said that they like the site, too.  And only one video has been posted.  And it’s a guy who wants the education system to promote merit-based teacher selection in public education… which Governor Strickland and the Democratic House passed in the initial budget bill only to see that budget rejected by… Senate Republicans.

There’s nothing on FAIL Blog that truly captures the extent that this site fails the Kasich campaign.

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