As I watch Matt Naugle and Jon Keeling coming unglue with one anti-NRA post after another today (Naugle has even attacked the NRA PAC for “a history of playing politics” thereby apparently missing the point of a PAC entirely), I can’t help but wonder:

What are these guys going to say when the NRA endorses Rob Portman?

Let’s be fair and realistic here. The NRA isn’t going to endorse Lee Fisher who used to be on the Board of Directors of Handgun, Inc.  And unlike Kasich, I’m unaware of any inconvenient votes that would prevent the NRA from endorsing Portman.

So, are these guys really going to downplay the importance of the NRA and degrade it as they’ve done simply because it didn’t endorse Kasich?

Of course, now that I’ve written this, I’ve probably changed the outcome since I made them aware of their pending hypocrisy.

The NRA’s sample ballot will likely still be largely Republican.  They’ll endorse Rob Portman and probably Jon Husted, too.  In Congressional and state legislative races, they’ll largely endorse Republicans over Democrats, too.

What makes this such a story is that the NRA is viewed as such a reliable Republican-leaning organization that when it endorses a Democrat (particularly right out of the general election gate), it’s like having the AFL-CIO endorse a Republican.

But for all the conservative blogsphere spin there is, the reality is that not a single one of them has even tried to make the case that the NRA had any real choice given Kasich’s weak record on gun issues versus Strickland’s.

So, instead, they’ve gone for the silly to the sublime.

And yet, when the NRA endorses Portman, they’ll likely sing an entirely different tune.