From the daily archives: Monday, June 14, 2010

Jon Keeling is pinning his hopes that the NRA would do something they’ve never been known for doing.  He’s saying it’s a question whether the NRA will actually back up this endorsement by spending any money to promote it with its members.

I guess in Keeling’s world, anything anyone asks is a legitimate question, even if it comes from Keeling for no other reason than to create some way to deflect from Kasich not being endorsed by the NRA.

I don’t think there’s any question that the NRA would leak the news of this endorsement to the national media, travel […]

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Well, this should end well.

Jim Heath over at ONN just tweeted:

“Ohio Republicans dropping NRA memberships. Encouraging others to join gun owners of America.”

Yes, the Ohio Republicans should drop their membership to the NRA and join yet another gun rights group that positively will not be endorsing John Kasich in the fall after his multiple anti-gun votes.

By all means, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine, please, please, PLEASE declare war on the NRA during a critical election season.

Tell every sportsman and gun owner in Ohio that if they stand with the NRA for supporting […]

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John the Kasich is now trying to sound more pious than John the Baptist.  In an attempt to appear to social religious conservatives that Kasich largely distinguished himself from but not seeks to pump up his turnout in November (And sell more books!), Kasich wrote a column for the Faith section of today’s Washington Post.  (Yet another example of Kasich giving more attention to the national media than Ohio.)

There’s a story about this in the New Testament. One person buried his talents in service to God; another quietly honed his talents and used them in a small […]

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Keeling write a second post trying to explain why the NRA endorsement doesn’t matter by pointing out a RedState post by Erick Erickson that says the NRA isn’t political significant anyone … because it endorsed Strickland.

The problem for Kasich is that despite apologizing for one of his 1994 votes to ban assault weapons, he’s only said he regrets it because it didn’t work (i.e. make people safer.)  If Kasich truly was a gun rights supporter he’d realize that, to them, the issue isn’t the effectiveness of gun control to reduce crime, it’s the infringement on […]

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One of the provisions in the state budget passed last year was the creation of renewable energy districts.  WKYC in Cleveland notes that the City of Cleveland and sixteen suburbs are the first communities in the State to take advantage of the new program.  In fact, it might be the first of its kind in the entire country.

As WKYC explains how the programs works and how it encourages the implementation of energy conserving technologies that would otherwise be cost prohibitive:

A Renewable Energy Special Improvement District is an mechanism which allows property owners in participating communities to […]

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There goes that whole tyranny, socialist, secret muslim devil at the gate, colonial garb, Don’t Tread on Me flag waving, gather your armies, commie pinko…er…thingy!

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As I watch Matt Naugle and Jon Keeling coming unglue with one anti-NRA post after another today (Naugle has even attacked the NRA PAC for “a history of playing politics” thereby apparently missing the point of a PAC entirely), I can’t help but wonder:

What are these guys going to say when the NRA endorses Rob Portman?

Let’s be fair and realistic here. The NRA isn’t going to endorse Lee Fisher who used to be on the Board of Directors of Handgun, Inc.  And unlike Kasich, I’m unaware of any inconvenient votes that would prevent the NRA from endorsing Portman.


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As Jon Keeling keeps spinning how politically irrelevant the National Rifle Association is to gun owners, I thought I’d point out this interesting bit of trivia.

Guess what former Ohioan is current a member of the National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors and Public Affairs Committee?

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You have to remember that any post to the Kasich-Taylor campaign’s suggestion box is cleared by someone in the campaign before they allow it to actually be posted on the website.  With that in mind:

Add Ohio to the list of states that do not have an income tax. Then people with high-incomes will come here to live and spend their high incomes. Cut back on some of the expensive social programs so the people who live here who have little money will go to another state that has better social programs they can live off of.
Submitted […]

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I’ll update this as the day goes on.

First, we have NBC Political Director Chuck Todd on Twitter:

More evidence that OH Dem Gov Ted Strickland may be in better shape than supposed C.W.: he nabbed NRA nod over GOPer Kasich.

“More evidence” is an obvious reference to the Ohio Poll and Friday’s campaign finance reports.

Matt Naugle at Right Ohio:

John Kasich has repeatedly apologized for his vote on the assault weapons ban, noting that it doesn’t reduce crime. But Ted Strickland’s votes in Congress on guns are still better.

Clearly, with […]

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CNN broke the story this morning.  The National Rifle Association today endorsed Governor Ted Strickland over his rival, former Congressman/Fox News host/Lehman Bros. executive John Kasich.

It is the first endorsement the organization has made for the general election.

From the Strickland campaign press release:

“Governor Strickland is a steadfast supporter of gun owners and hunters. Whether as congressman or as governor, he has not been afraid to stand up for the Second Amendment even when under pressure from national elites,” NRA Political Victory Fund Chairman Chris Cox said. “That is why NRA Political Victory Fund is pleased […]

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