The Dayton Daily News has the story that points out that when Kasich first ran for Congress in 1982 he released three years of his full tax returns and attacked his Democratic incumbent for not doing the same.

This is pure hypocrisy,” said Lis Smith, spokesman for Gov. Ted Strickland’s re-election campaign. “After releasing his tax returns and touting his transparency in his 1982 campaign for Congress, Congressman Kasich is now saying that Ohioans don’t have a right to know how much money he made working at Lehman Brothers, sitting on corporate boards, and giving paid professional speeches across the country.”

I just don’t understand why the Kasich campaign doesn’t just release his returns to the media.  It’d make this story go away, and until then, it creates the impression that there’s something in his tax returns he’s trying to hide from the voters.

More dumb advice Kasich’s getting from the political consultants who are burning his money left and right.

Keep it up, folks!