Sorry I’m a little late to the game here, but I just got around to reviewing Kasich’s latest expense report and the findings are pretty damn humorous.

Modern covered a lot of it yesterday but I thought I’d throw in my two cents.

So far Strickland has spent $1,292,366 – including a big TV ad buy. Much less than Kasich’s $1,662,592.

So the obvious question is: where the hell did all that money go?

The biggest expense, by far, is “consultants”. So far Kasich has spent $775,586 on consultants with a big portion of the money going out-of-state. The chart below shows where the consulting dollars were spent.

To quote Modern: “So much for creating jobs in Ohio”

Kasich’s expense report also included $51,751 in expenses that mentioned food and/or beverages and another $25,005 for cell phone and phone service expenses!

I can imagine the food is probably for fundraising events, but $25K for cell phone charges? WTF? He only has 14 people (and a few consultants) on his payroll. How the hell do you rack up $25K in phone charges in a less than 6 months? Are they calling Mars?

Family plan, dude. Family plan.

He also seems to have spent another $3,684 on bumper stickers of which I have seen exactly one.

Again, another Modern quote seems to come to mind: “For a ticket running as ‘fiscal conservatives’, John Kasich is burning money like, well, Lehman Bros. did.”

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