I’m not as down on this race as most others are.  The State Treasurer’s race is so down the ticket that this races rarely are decided on the candidates themselves but are more of the reflection of how the top of the ticket does. 

With $1 million on hand and doing far better in being more competitive in fundraising with Mandel’s, Boyce clearly will have the resources to run an effective campaign on his own. 

Democrats really need to be out fundraised three-to-one before you need to sweat partisan fundraising advantages.

The Democrats also have a very strong ground game and seem to be well organized to run an effective coordinated campaign statewide ticket effort in the fall.  This, and how the top of the ticket fares come the fall, will matter significantly more than money in these down ticket races.

Boyce is catching up with Mandel on fundraising.  Mandel is also spending more money than Boyce is already as well.  This and the ground game means that Kevin Boyce’s chances are substantially better than most Ohio “pundits” have given him.