Seriously, David Pepper has $1.2 million on hand compared to $36k for David Yost.  No, I didn’t leave out a zero, either.

Yost raised a paltry $50k compared to Pepper’s $430k.  This, despite the fact that Yost had a contested primary with the full establishment support of the Ohio Republican Party.  This means that Yost needs to increase his fundraising rate by a factor of ten just to keep up with Pepper.  Yost is actually doing worse in fundraising that incumbent State Auditor Mary Taylor was when she decided to drop out due to poor fundraising performance and instead run on the ticket with John Kasich.

David Pepper even get a $2,500 donation from Carl Lindner.  Yeah, that one.

Sure, it’s because they’re both from Hamilton County.  But I’ve noticed one thing about Lindner, he seems to only back a Democratic candidate when that candidate seems to be a sure thing.

Will the Ohio Republican Party save Yost since it’s an Apportionment Board seat?

No.  And let me repeat that.  No.  They will not save Yost until his first demonstrates that he can competitively raise money on his own.  The Ohio Republican Party does not a fundraising advantage that they could essentially erase Pepper’s fundraising advantage for Yost.  At least, not while the Republicans have a close Gubernatorial race, close Senate seat to defend, several Congressional pickup opportunities they pursuing, and State House seats they’re also trying to win in order to win back the majority.

The Ohio Republicans have too little resources and too many other more pressing competing opportunities that they’s going to give David Yost a bailout.

They’re more likely to bail from him instead if his fundraising doesn’t show remarkably improvement.