According to Politico, after two dozen appearances on Fox News (without giving equal time to his general election opponent), John Kasich also received $20,000 in late May from Rupert Murdoch and his wife.

Murdoch became a U.S. citizen (he maintains dual citizenship even though the United States does not legally recognize dual citizen) in 1985 for the patriotic reason of the FCC required that only U.S. citizens could own American television stations.

No way does this bring Kasich’s role in Fox News into the forefront even more…

  • mary jo

    Hi Modern, I became alarmed when you stated the the US does not recognize dual citizenship as I have dual citizenship status. I found this on the US Immigration Support website:
    Dual Citizenship: The U.S. government allows dual citizenship. United States law recognizes U.S. Dual Citizenship, but the U.S. government does not encourage it is as a matter of policy due to the problems that may arise from it. It is important to understand that a foreign citizen does NOT lose his or her citizenship when becoming a U.S. citizen. An individual that becomes a U.S. citizen through naturalization may keep his or her original citizenship.…
    Mary Jo

  • modernesquire

    I was imprecise. My recollection was that while other countries recognized dual citizenship, the U.S. did not, perhaps that attitude has changed since I was involved in immigration law in the 1990s.

    Basically, my recollection was that the U.S. recognized that other countries recognized dual citizenship, but it only recognized a person as a citizen of the U.S. It made for a mess when a person used different passports to leave and re-enter the U.S.

    They've never viewed dual citizenship as an ENFORCEMENT matter (i.e.- they've never taken action against a person who did maintain dual citizenship).

    Sorry for the confusion.

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