Richard Cordray’s race against former Senator/current GOP pariah Mike DeWine is as thrilling as I’m sure the Ohio Attorney General’s appearance in Jeopardy! were.

He has a $3 million to $1.2 million cash on hand advantage to Mike DeWine, the former Lt. Governor/U.S. Senator.  Even worse for DeWine, Cordray is outfundraising him three to one.  Let me repeat that.  The Democratic incumbent is outfundraising a person who just four years ago was a Republican United States Senator three to one.

DeWine did outdo Cordray in one fundraising category, though.  He outspent Richard Cordray 100 to 1, despite the fact that neither had a contested primary.

The DeWine campaign also still has a half a million loan from the candidate outstanding.  It appears that was the extent the much-hyped by Kyle Sisk’s “DeWine will self-fund his campaign” the candidate is willing to go for now.

Expect Richard Cordray to start spending money by making donations to the Ohio Democratic Party’s Statewide candidate fund and directly to the State Treasurer and Secretary of State’s races in order to build partisan goodwill with Democrats in Ohio that he no doubt will leverage into a gubernatorial bid in 2014 should he be re-elected, regardless of what happens in the current gubernatorial race.