MSNBC’s “First Read” team came out with their latest rankings for the U.S. Senate races, and they called the Ohio contest the best chance for a Democratic pickup this cycle.

Here’s the first Democratic pick-up opportunity on our list. Lee Fisher (D) is ahead of Rob Portman (R) by a fingernail, according to Quinnipiac. But Portman has the cash advantage, and he’s now up on the air. This is a very important month for Portman; he has a HUGE money edge and he needs to create some space to overcome the Democrats’ ground advantage in the state.”

And I agree.  But if you’re a Democrat who was active in the 1990s or even a decade ago, isn’t it amazing to see how the national media credits us with have the ground game advantage?  And I don’t think they’re wrong as the June 5th event demonstrated.

Before 2006, Republicans have long been able to beat us in GOTV, voter targeting and identification, etc.  This is something Chairman Redfern and Executive Director Doug Kelly have worked very hard to change here in Ohio, and they cannot be complemented enough for building one of the strongest state party organizations, of any party, in the nation.

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