The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing blog reports on the Strickland/Kasich campaign finance reports.

If I were the GOP, I’d be nervous seeing the Kasich campaign starting to lower expects this absurdly after filing the report:

“We fully expect to be outspent… Frankly, given our strong grassroots organization, online presence, and voters’ deep frustration with Ted Strickland’s failure to create jobs, balance the budget and clean-up state government, it probably won’t be an even match-up until we’re outspent at least four or five to one.”

Now, Strickland has to outspend Kasich five to one to beat Ted Strickland.  Hell, Ted Strickland cannot even outspend Kasich when Strickland is the only candidate with paid media!  How the hell could the Strickland campaign possibly outspend a campaign that can blow over $780k in a short period without running a single ad?!?  How does the Kasich campaign expect to be outspent when they can spend nearly a million dollars internally?

I don’t even think Richard Pryor in “Brewster’s Millions” could pull that off.

Meanwhile, the Dispatch notes that nearly a third of Kasich’s contributions came from out-of-state donors.  That’s over double the amount of Strickland’s out-of-state donors.  Apparently, the California GOP donor crowd is just wild about Kasich.