Shortly after the primary, Governor Strickland’s campaign spent well over $500k in a television buy.  John Kasich has not done any paid media.  Instead, we were told by the likes of the Carpetblogger that the RGA’s response ad was actually great because it allowed for a response so that Kasich could save more of his money while Strickland burned his early in paid media.

Apparently, it’s a good thing that the RGA paid for those ads, or John Kasich’s campaign finance report would be even more of a public relations disaster than it already is.

The Strickland campaign clearly didn’t expect that they’d have much to hang their hat on today as they waited to the very end of the afternoon to post their report.  There was no chest thumping when they filed until Kasich filed his report.

Ted Strickland has a $2 million cash-on-hand advantage over John Kasich.  That’s slightly more that his cash-on-hand advantage when the campaigns filed their pre-primary reports.  Given that Strickland went on the air and Kasich did not, I don’t think there was anyone in Ohio (myself included) who thought this was possible.

For the first time, Strickland actually raised more money than Kasich.  Which is remarkable given that during this period John Kasich wasn’t making public appearances for three weeks to focus on fundraising (Kasich didn’t make a single public appearance during Memorial Day weekend in Ohio.)  Ted Strickland did just the opposite.

Now, I’ve noticed that yet again Keeling wants to question this by pointing out that a sizeable amount of Strickland’s campaign donations came from the Ohio Democratic Party.  The suggestion is that the ODP is “subsidizing” Strickland’s campaign to pump up his number like a state party does when they make a donation to a down ticket race.

This is completely inaccurate.  One of the Strickland for Governor’s leading fundraisers also works for the Ohio Democratic Party as a fundraiser.  Unlike John Kasich, who it appears has raised little to no money for the Ohio Republican Party, Governor Strickland makes appearances after appearances raising money across the country for not just his campaign, but for the Ohio Democratic Party.  Ever recall how Keeling would mock Strickland for not raising significant sums as compared to Kasich when they’ve both done out-of-state fundraisers?  Yeah, that’s because donors at Kasich events write checks only to his campaign whereas donors at Strickland’s events donate to the Ohio Democratic Party as well. 

Because the Strickland campaign is responsible for raising money for ODP, ODP, in turn, splits the proceeds of those fundraisers in donations to Strickland.

It’s actually all there in the campaign finance reports.  But Keeling’s not interested in the truth.

If he were, he’d yet again look at the other side of the equation of the campaign finance reports…. spending.  For a ticket running as “fiscal conservatives,” John Kasich is burning money like, well, Lehman Bros. did.

John Kasich spent over three quarters of a million since the pre-primary finance report.  And almost all of the spending is on consultants, (pollster and fundraising consultants).

His biggest campaign expense is Brooke Bodney, a Republican campaign finance consultant in Arizona.  Yep, you read that right.  John Kasich has outsourced his campaign fundraising outside of the State.  So much for creating jobs in Ohio…

FYI- Did you know that John Kasich uses Rocky Saxbe’s law firm for campaign legal services (I bet Naugle didn’t until now!)

Kasich’s burn rate is far worse than anything I said about Lee Fisher’s during the Senate Democratic primary.  John Kasich official has spent more money than any other candidate in Ohio, has ran no t.v., radio, or newspaper ads, and has no plan for Ohio.

Kasich’s campaign finance report creates an image of a candidate who is nothing more than a byproduct of a committee of campaign consultants and polls, and yet, stands for nothing because $700k in political consultant advice gets you: don’t say anything, it’ll just upset people.

Green Party candidate Dennis Spisak made history today as well.  He’s the first Green Party candidate to be listed as such on the statewide ballot, and he’s the first Green Party candidate for Governor who actually filed a campaign finance report after the primary.  (2006 Green Party candidate Bob Fitrakis didn’t file a report until the Semiannual Report in July which is after Independent candidates file.)

Spisak’s constant campaigning on ProgressOhio has resulting in a Green Party candidate who has raised more money in PAC donations than individual donations.  Spisak has $630.00 on hand and three individual donors.  Despite that, Spisak has over three times on hand as the Libertarian candidate for Governor, Ken Matesz.