You know when something hurts Republicans, because they try to parrot the same thing and make it hurt Democrats, every chance they get. It’s fun to watch.

The current desperation to somehow make the oil spill Barack Obama’s Katrina has all the hallmarks of this robotic tendency.  Republicans first latch onto an irrelevant similarity to hang their hat on – Katrina was in the gulf, so is the oil spill – MAGIC!  Then they latch onto precisely the imagery that hurt George W. Bush and try to claim it’s the same thing with the oil spill.  Dead people in the streets, dead birds in the sea – SAMEY!  Then they try to equate the images of the dithering Bush administration with pictures of Barack Obama doing something resembling non-oil-spill-related activity – INCOMPETENCE!

Here’s the problem – voters have been listening to Republicans, and only Republicans, yell DRILL BABY DRILL for THE LAST TWO SOLID YEARS.  Before that, voters are quite aware which party is in the pocket of Halliburton, Exxon Mobil, etc.  Pick any name of any oil company on whose board Dick Cheney sits, pick any war Republicans sent soldiers to die in over that oil, you name the desert those soldiers are sitting on right now, voters know who sent them there.  Before that, Republicans have fought every energy policy since the days of Jimmy Carter, who now must look like some kind of seer to independent voters.

So do us a favor, GOP – keep it up.  Keep pretending that no one will notice who laid that pipe into the seabed over a period of decades.  Keep reminding everyone how bankrupt and bereft of credibility your entire ideology has become.

I don’t think any of us Democrats mind.

Not one bit.

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  • mvirenicus

    democrats and republicans are two faces of the same corporate party.

    “BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.”

  • mvirenicus

    btw, no SAMEYS here. Katrina will pale in comparison to this BP disaster and Obamarahma's lack of response will cement him as a one-termer.

  • tudorman

    Why is it when an oil company fails and creates a disaster, the chuckleheads in D.C. swear that they will pay for their mistakes down to the last damn dime, but when a bank fails and creates a disaster, the same chuckleheads bail them out with taxpayer money?

    BTW: Jimmy Carter was most useful for deregulating the airline industry (yeah for cheap airfares!) and legalizing home brewing.

  • mvirenicus

    wait. they aren't done yet. i guarantee a bailout of BP is coming in some form when what should happen is a nationalization of their resources and otherwise kicking their criminal asses out of the country, if not imprison them here.

  • Jblow5

    Then why are YOU trying to tell them who is at fault? lol, lib.

  • sumdum

    I respectfully disagree that the voters are smart enough to know who is to blame for this. First of all, they (the voters) are the ones who are mostly to blame. Secondly are the non voters. Dems don't vote with any regularity, I know this for a fact just look at any race won by a republican and examine the voter turnout. Just like any sporting match the the team that doesn't show for the game loses. And the Dems have perfected losing. You think that somehow the voting public is going to grow a brain and realize that their actions have consequence? Or the non-voting public inaction has consequence for staying at home. Ha what a laugh. You and I need to make them (GOP) own it. Call it out and stick it in their faces. Play the game or sit it out. Don't wait and hope that somehow today will be the day that people will start owning up to their own failings. That will never happen! BTW I've burned my Dem card. Not a loser and not a wing nut. Somewhere in the middle. nuff said.

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