From the daily archives: Friday, June 11, 2010

According to Politico, after two dozen appearances on Fox News (without giving equal time to his general election opponent), John Kasich also received $20,000 in late May from Rupert Murdoch and his wife.

Murdoch became a U.S. citizen (he maintains dual citizenship even though the United States does not legally recognize dual citizen) in 1985 for the patriotic reason of the FCC required that only U.S. citizens could own American television stations.

No way does this bring Kasich’s role in Fox News into the forefront even more…

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The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing blog reports on the Strickland/Kasich campaign finance reports.

If I were the GOP, I’d be nervous seeing the Kasich campaign starting to lower expects this absurdly after filing the report:

“We fully expect to be outspent… Frankly, given our strong grassroots organization, online presence, and voters’ deep frustration with Ted Strickland’s failure to create jobs, balance the budget and clean-up state government, it probably won’t be an even match-up until we’re outspent at least four or five to one.”

Now, Strickland has to outspend Kasich five to one to beat Ted Strickland.  Hell, […]

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A fan of Plunderbund pointed out something after seeing our post on the State Auditor’s campaign finance report.  Nine of the House Democrats filed campaign finance reports today showing that they raised more money than David Yost did.

For the record, they are:

Speaker Armond Budish – $152,490.56

Speaker Pro Tempore Matt Szollosi – $191,066.68

State Rep. Vernon Sykes – $137,401.12

Assistant Majority Whip Linda Bolon – $99,556.12

Majority Floor Leader Tracy Heard – $95,184.56

State Rep. John Carney – $88,736.12

State Rep. Debbie Phillips – $85,298.00

State Rep. Mark Schneider – $69,800.00

State Rep. Stephen Dyer – $56,555.56

Granted, […]

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Shortly after the primary, Governor Strickland’s campaign spent well over $500k in a television buy.  John Kasich has not done any paid media.  Instead, we were told by the likes of the Carpetblogger that the RGA’s response ad was actually great because it allowed for a response so that Kasich could save more of his money while Strickland burned his early in paid media.

Apparently, it’s a good thing that the RGA paid for those ads, or John Kasich’s campaign finance report would be even more of a public relations disaster than it already is.

The Strickland campaign clearly didn’t […]

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Richard Cordray’s race against former Senator/current GOP pariah Mike DeWine is as thrilling as I’m sure the Ohio Attorney General’s appearance in Jeopardy! were.

He has a $3 million to $1.2 million cash on hand advantage to Mike DeWine, the former Lt. Governor/U.S. Senator.  Even worse for DeWine, Cordray is outfundraising him three to one.  Let me repeat that.  The Democratic incumbent is outfundraising a person who just four years ago was a Republican United States Senator three to one.

DeWine did outdo Cordray in one fundraising category, though.  He outspent Richard Cordray 100 to 1, despite the fact that […]

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Seriously, David Pepper has $1.2 million on hand compared to $36k for David Yost.  No, I didn’t leave out a zero, either.

Yost raised a paltry $50k compared to Pepper’s $430k.  This, despite the fact that Yost had a contested primary with the full establishment support of the Ohio Republican Party.  This means that Yost needs to increase his fundraising rate by a factor of ten just to keep up with Pepper.  Yost is actually doing worse in fundraising that incumbent State Auditor Mary Taylor was when she decided to drop out due to poor fundraising performance and instead run […]

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She was outfundraised by Husted by over 2:1.  Although Husted spent over $388k for his contested primary and since then and MEO spent a tenth of that amount, Husted’s pulling in more than twice the amount of money and his early fundraising edge leaves Husted still with a $2.2 million to $459k cash-on-hand advantage.

This kind of disparity, and the fact that it’s an Apportionment Board seat, means that Husted’s warchest advantage could shelter him better than the rest of the downticket GOP races should Kasich lose.

I know the Ohio Democratic Party and Governor Strickland will ensure, in the […]

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I’m not as down on this race as most others are.  The State Treasurer’s race is so down the ticket that this races rarely are decided on the candidates themselves but are more of the reflection of how the top of the ticket does. 

With $1 million on hand and doing far better in being more competitive in fundraising with Mandel’s, Boyce clearly will have the resources to run an effective campaign on his own. 

Democrats really need to be out fundraised three-to-one before you need to sweat partisan fundraising advantages.

The Democrats also have a very strong ground game […]

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You know when something hurts Republicans, because they try to parrot the same thing and make it hurt Democrats, every chance they get. It’s fun to watch.

The current desperation to somehow make the oil spill Barack Obama’s Katrina has all the hallmarks of this robotic tendency.  Republicans first latch onto an irrelevant similarity to hang their hat on – Katrina was in the gulf, so is the oil spill – MAGIC!  Then they latch onto precisely the imagery that hurt George W. Bush and try to claim it’s the same thing with the oil spill.  Dead people in the […]

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MSNBC’s “First Read” team came out with their latest rankings for the U.S. Senate races, and they called the Ohio contest the best chance for a Democratic pickup this cycle.

Here’s the first Democratic pick-up opportunity on our list. Lee Fisher (D) is ahead of Rob Portman (R) by a fingernail, according to Quinnipiac. But Portman has the cash advantage, and he’s now up on the air. This is a very important month for Portman; he has a HUGE money edge and he needs to create some space to overcome the Democrats’ ground advantage in the state.”

And […]

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