In response to today’s Akron Beacon Journal editorial blasting the Kasich-Taylor ticket for being devoid of any ideas or solutions, the Kasich campaign announced the launch of their website “Fix Ohio Now” …. solicit ideas on what John Kasich should stand for.

This from a guy who wrote a book titled “Stand For Something”!

Oh, and before you all rush off to send Kasich you’re “Legalize it” videos, it gets even richer!

Kasich, who has been campaigning about how he can painlessly repeal Ohio’s income tax because of all the fraud and waste in State government… he needs people to help him find… actual fraud and waste in State government.  

Gee, if there was only someone in State government who’s job was to do just that!

Nothing, Mary?  You bring nothing to the table on this, huh?  Not one single suggestion?  Nope, you’re going to force Kasich to build his entire platform from YouTube and Facebook (I thought he made Google)?

What’s next? Is he going to form his Agricultural policy by playing 40 hrs. of Farmville?

This is the second effort to have a submit your video blaming Strickland contest.  Three weeks ago, they started a Facebook group asking for video of people blaming Strickland for Ohio’s job losses.  They announced that there goal of getting 500 followers in the first weekend.  They still haven’t gotten there.  They’ve gotten only one video.  And she’s a Kasich donor.

This man of the people act doesn’t work for Kasich.  This is the same Kasich who had college students protesting his cuts to financial aid tear-gassed at his district congressional office.  Law enforcement eventually settled with the students over using excessive force.

John Kasich has no ideas.  I take back what I wrote earlier.  The man obviously has no idea why he’s running for Governor except to use it as a stepping stone to run for President again.  That seems to be the only thing that motivates this man…. getting the prize that eluded him in 2000.  And note, he’s running a campaign as vapid and empty as the person who beat him… George W. Bush.