So on Tuesday, the Columbus Dispatch’s James Nash writes as story about how Ohio lost $525,000 in federal money for a veterans program because Ohio failed to staff the program at levels the federal government required for a year.  It’s since filled those positions and will receive the full federal grant next year.

Also, Nash couldn’t find a single veteran who was affected by this loss of federal funding:

Frank Williams, state adjutant of Disabled American Veterans of Ohio, said his organization has not received complaints from members about the Department of Job and Family Services program.

So, of course, by the end of the day, the House Republican Caucus issues a letter signed by its veterans members (all five of them) which is leaked to the Dispatch.  You have to admire the speed in which they could get an agreement on the draft of the language and get the members to sign the letter, dusting off their uniforms rhetorically so they can then accuse Strickland of spitting on them, especially what with none of them being in Columbus for a House session and all.

Oh, and did I mention that Nash just happens to be currently dating House Minority Caucus Communication Director Megan Piwowar?  Mr. Nash failed to respond to our request yesterday to confirm or deny his romantic relationship with Ms. Piwowar.  However, Plunderbund has received confirmation from multiple sources who claim that the two are romantically linked.  But I’m sure there relationship has nothing to do with this trumped up story…

Yeah, it’s all just a big coincidence.

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