ICYMI, you really should read the tour de force the ABJ’s editorial board laid on Kasich for not being able to offer any solutions. 

They note that Kasich’s claim to fame over budget surpluses that would have occured without him would not have been possible without the revenues generated from the tax hikes in 1993 that Kasich opposed.

All of this is indicative of a hollowness at the core of the Kasich campaign. He wants credit for balancing the federal budget without telling the complete story. He boasts about his business experience yet won’t share the details of his time at the reckless Lehman Brothers, let alone what he may have learned or his complete income tax returns. Now he pledges that he won’t stand for tax increases without explaining how he would cover a huge budget hole.

The whole reason the tax freeze had to implemented this past budget is that the Republicans in the Statehouse couldn’t stomach a suitable package of spending cuts to unify around.  Now, Kasich’s campaign is essentially promising more cuts (but won’t say where).

Kasich is presenting a budgetary fantasy.  He’s promises no income taxes while pretending that it can be done without making some painful cuts in schools, universities, libraries, veterans programs, law enforcement, emergency management, and public health.

I still, in my gut, don’t honestly believe that they haven’t figured out the math of how to do it, but they realize that it’s better to hide the math and talk about the taxes they’re taking away and hope people don’t think about the painful cuts in spending that will go with it.

I admit some days I have my doubts, though, and I’m not entirely which is worse: 1) he knows the math and is cynically hiding it so people don’t get the full picture; 2) he’s promising thing he has no earthly idea how he could possible make it happen.

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