From the daily archives: Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back room, no less!  On a Monday night!  At a really nice bar with champagne even!

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More fun from the OSU Dems.


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In Cuyahoga County.

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This is fucking great beyond description.

Courtesy OSU Dems.

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In response to today’s Akron Beacon Journal editorial blasting the Kasich-Taylor ticket for being devoid of any ideas or solutions, the Kasich campaign announced the launch of their website “Fix Ohio Now” …. solicit ideas on what John Kasich should stand for.

This from a guy who wrote a book titled “Stand For Something”!

Oh, and before you all rush off to send Kasich you’re “Legalize it” videos, it gets even richer!

Kasich, who has been campaigning about how he can painlessly repeal Ohio’s income tax because of all the fraud and waste in State government… he needs […]

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I’ve been trying to figure out why Matt Naugle seems to go out of his way to write such glowing posts to help Josh Mandel’s State Treasurer’s race out so much.  After all, the State Treasurer isn’t an appointment board position.  It’s a rather uneventful and boring job.  Josh Mandel was a liberal Democrat in OSU, until he realized that he had a better shot running as a Republican to get elected to the Statehouse.

And, let’s face it, Naugle’s not the most religiously tolerant guy around, to put it nicely.

So, a few months ago, I found this on […]

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ICYMI, you really should read the tour de force the ABJ’s editorial board laid on Kasich for not being able to offer any solutions. 

They note that Kasich’s claim to fame over budget surpluses that would have occured without him would not have been possible without the revenues generated from the tax hikes in 1993 that Kasich opposed.

All of this is indicative of a hollowness at the core of the Kasich campaign. He wants credit for balancing the federal budget without telling the complete story. He boasts about his business experience yet won’t share the details of […]

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So on Tuesday, the Columbus Dispatch’s James Nash writes as story about how Ohio lost $525,000 in federal money for a veterans program because Ohio failed to staff the program at levels the federal government required for a year.  It’s since filled those positions and will receive the full federal grant next year.

Also, Nash couldn’t find a single veteran who was affected by this loss of federal funding:

Frank Williams, state adjutant of Disabled American Veterans of Ohio, said his organization has not received complaints from members about the Department of Job and Family Services program.

So, […]

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