I’m sorry, but I’m really just retching reading DailyKos today.

Here’s Kos himself on the Arkansas Senate race today:

“Unfortunately, the smart political move lost. So say hello to Sen. John Boozman, the next senator from the great state of Arkansas. It’s the political reality. No need to sugarcoat it.”

Yeah, because the Democratic effort would have gone swimmingly had Bill Halter been the nominee.  What did your own poll showed Halter getting if the general election was held today?

QUESTION: If the election for U.S. Senate were held today, for whom would you vote for if the choices were between Bill Halter, the Democrat, and John Boozman, the Republican?

42%                              53%                5%

Wow, and that’s what Kos got using one of the least reliable pollsters, according to Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight.com.  (After all, the same poll claimed that Halter had a five point LEAD over Lincoln before the first Democratic primary vote. Halter actually got two points less than Lincoln.)

After shameless and falsely attacking Jennifer Brunner from the front page of his site for not pledging to support the winner of the Democratic nominee in a Senate primary, now Kos is personally involved in pledging … not to support the Democratic nominee after a Senate primary! (An incumbent, no less!)

I’m sorry, I’m willing to put a lot of things from the Ohio Democratic Senate primary behind me, but I just cannot believe how two-faced Kos and his front pagers can be.  In 2006, they tried to shove the far more conservative Paul Hackett down our throats over Sherrod Brown who they now just love!  They pulled Joe Lieberman even further to the right, and now they’ve taught Blanche Lincoln and other conservative and moderate Democrats that you can still win your primary without DailyKos and labor’s support.

If, as Kos now claims, the support for Halter was to demonstrate the strength of his “movement,” then losing yet another elections sends the wrong message.  Had they thrown half as much effort towards Jennifer Brunner, they could have shown their strength in an open seat race instead of running against a Democratic incumbent who now can tell Kos to go [bleep] off.  You’d think that a competitive open seat race in a major battleground state in which two strong candidates were running would make more sense than trying to defeat a Democratic incumbent in the deep South, but what do I know?

Where Kos on supporting Steve Driehaus and Mary Jo Kilroy, who supported the health care bill?  For a website with an obsession for everything Fox News related, they seem entirely disengaged in a Fox news host running for Governor in a major battleground State.

It seems to me that DailyKos only pays attention to you when you don’t do what they want.  But stick your political neck out to them, and they’ve already moved onto their next campaign for ideological purity.