Notice how Kevin DeWhine, the Columbus Dispatch, John Kasich and his Boy Wonder, the Carpetblogger, have all been trying to make some sinister “criminal sounding” plot out of a public employees union supporting a politician because that politician has been a supporter of the union’s public policy proposals?

Finally, Mark Naymik of the Cleveland Plain Dealer smacks it down:

Federal law says union dues, or general revenue, cannot be given to politicians or political parties, or spent on candidate advertising.

A union’s political action committee — like AFSCME’s — is funded primarily not by dues, but through additional voluntary donations from members. Unions cut contracts that allow workers to make political contributions through their paychecks, but those donations remain separate from their dues.

In other words, it’s legally impossible that the dues these unions got as a result of Strickland’s executive orders that made it easier for certain workers to belong to these unions are funding these political ads like DeWhine, the Dispatch, the Carpetblogger, and Kasich and all falsely claiming.

That’s a pretty big oops.