Seriously, what’s with the etheral white background?  What focus group told John Kasich to go with the white background to accept his golf tan?

What’s the direction of this video?

“John you need to sound more pumped, randomly jump around this white plane of purgatory like you’re waiting for your next bonus check from Lehman Bros. Perfect!?”

“Oh, and be sure to tell them that we need some ideas for the campaign because we have none.”

John Kasich has no ideas…. he just admitted it from his Youtube video alter.

Seriously, while it’s funny to mock how Kasich issues random edicts from his Youtube haven designed to hide where he makes his video statements like Osama Bin Laden does, it’s pathetic to see a “pale” imitation of last weekend’s Kickoff event by the statewide coordinated campaign.

Even Kasich’s May tour, which was in soldily Republican areas had substantially lower turnout than the Democratic kickoff events.  Just compare the crowd shots in the two videos:

Democrats made over tens of thousands voter contact attempts in one day alone.

Check out this photo in Mentor:

Check out David Potts’ photos from the event in Marietta over at Buckeye State Blog.

John Kasich can’t get crowds like this in the reddest of red states, yet.  We got thousands of Democrats to come out to thirty events in one day all over the State.

I’m kind of getting sick of hearing about an enthusiasm gap.

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