According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, before the Ohio House went into its summer recess, the House Primary and Secondary Education Subcommittee asked…. asked executives from White Hat Management to appear in front his subcommittee to give testimony on whether Ohio’s charter school laws give for-profit companies like White Hat Management too much power and leverage over charter schools.

White Hat declined the invitation to testify, likely because of the pending lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the same statute.

I’ve got a piece of advice for Subcommittee Chairman Stephen Dyer (D-Green).

If a party won’t appear to testify in front of your subcommittee, you can SUBPOENA them!  After all, if we can have a parade of witnesses subpoenaed for a kangaroo court of a confirmation hearing which had a predetermined political outcome, why can’t we have David Brennan be subpoened to defend the statute his political donations to Republican state legislators effectively bought?

Subpoena him.

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  • They declined because they don't want to have to perjure themselves, having shown us before that they have no problem lying to the public.

  • Concerned

    Make David Brennan testify. His schools are stealing money from Ohio. Every school has complex real estate agreements which take money from the students. They don’t even do basic maintenance on the buildings. They get paid millions of dollars to do nothing. The schools under perform because they want them to. The refuse to add staff for no reason other than to make more profits. All the Lifeskills Centers have teacher ratios of well over 50 per teacher. Bring this man in and make him talk.

  • Klbrennan

    As a relative of David Brennan I have always heard him say that the government is easy pickings, a dollar to the right politician can yield a hundred in return

  • DTarrant

    This is all very interesting and amazing. WHM has been in the charter school business snce 1998 in Ohio. Several of its schools are not charged with any wrong doing yet. And now they are charged with not operating in compliance with Ohio law! Were the legislators responsible (who recieved Brennan/WHM $$) voted out or held accountable?

    There are WHM two schools in Denver and Colorado Springs, CO. So far, neither school boards have spoken up about them. Maybe they need to be made aware of what’s going on in Ohio.

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