(HT: Stuff Queer People Need to Know)

The documentary In the States has recently produced its segment regarding Ohio:

From the gay marriage ban in 2004 to passing HB 167 in the Ohio House, we’ve made significant strides in GLBT issues.

Equality Ohio has not given up the fight to have the State Senate take up HB 167.  However, it was assigned by Senate President Bill Harris to the Senate Rules Committee in he chairs.  It has been given no hearings since assigned there last September.

In the final week of the Senate session until the fall, President Harris decided to protect Ohioans from human-animal hybrids that nobody can say is actually being considered in Ohio rather than deal with actual problems in Ohio like discrimination in Ohio that puts Ohio at an economic competitive disadvantage.

Would John Kasich support this legislation?  It’d be swell to know.  But we don’t.

But we know that we already have a governor in Ted Strickland who supports the civil rights of all Ohioans.

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