Since we appear to be on a GBLT kick this week, I’ll toss this little tidbit out – children of lesbian couples score better on social and educational tests.

Compared with a group of control adolescents born to heterosexual parents with similar educational and financial backgrounds, the children of lesbian couples scored better on academic and social tests and lower on measures of rule-breaking and aggression.

A previous study of same-sex parenting, based on long-term health data, also found no difference in the health of children in either group.

“This confirms what most developmental scientists have suspected,” says Stephen Russell, a sociologist at the University of Arizona in Tucson. “Kids growing up with same-sex parents fare just as well as other kids.”

Unfortunately, the article does not mention the results of male same-sex partners with children, and I cannot find the full study. Not too surprising, since the study was specifically about lesbian couples; they probably didn’t even look at gay male couples.

Anyway, something to chew on.