Fresh after the victory of successfully electing Ned Lamont into the U.S. Senate, thus ending all problems Joe Lieberman had been causing progressives, Jane Hampsher/DailyKos decide that they know better who could carry Arkansas despite the fact that they’ve never visited those states and issued an e-fatwah against Blanche Lincoln.

Apparently, the Democratic primary voters in Arkansas don’t read DailyKos or Jane Hampsher much.  After getting the most votes in the primary election, Blanche Lincoln repeats it by beating DailyKos twice.

Cementing its status as the premier site in understanding Arkansas politics, DailyKos front page diarist concludes that this, of course, means that the failure of their candidate makes this seat a likely GOP pickup.  After all, they’ve been soooo dead on in predictions so far in Arkansas.

The DailyKos community ignored Jennifer Brunner for the failed campaign of John Corzine in New Jersey, the hopeless campaign in Virginia Craigh Deeds (even though Deeds ran a decidedly more anti-Obama campaign than Lincoln did) only to be told that they were focusing all their efforts to a primary challenge to Democratic incumbent in a Southern state in a pro-GOP national environment. 

This is the same site sucking sour grapes tonight about how they won’t lift a finger to support the Democratic nominee who, the day BEFORE our primary had a front-page diarist smearing Jennifer Brunner by pushing a highly misleading attack of Jennifer Brunner for not… wait for it… pledging to support the Democratic nominee whomever it may be.  Some folks have noticed that I’ve written some posts that went after Rob Portman and promoted Lee Fisher and have asked me how I could do this after being so strong for Brunner.  And, I’ll tell you why.  There’s very little I hold against Lee Fisher because I know that what he did was the result of the fact that he was running against Brunner and that made them political rivals.

The group I am still outraged and still upset with for how they treated Brunner was the national progressive netroots like DailyKos.  They attacked Brunner and went after her campaign for no particular reason at all.  Like the diary the day before the primary, when folks actually in Ohio (including self-professed Fisher supporters) pointed out their errors, they refused to back down.  Instead, they told us supporting a primary challenge to a Democratic incumbent who didn’t vote as they saw fit was more important than promoting the most progressive candidate in an open seat primary in a far more critical battleground state.

And before you fire off your missive about how unfair I’m being to DailyKos, just answer this question first: do you honestly think that Joe Lieberman didn’t get worse after being primaried by DailyKos?

Because if the answer to that question is anything other than a simple “Yes,” then we all know how rational a person you really are.