Fresh after the victory of successfully electing Ned Lamont into the U.S. Senate, thus ending all problems Joe Lieberman had been causing progressives, Jane Hampsher/DailyKos decide that they know better who could carry Arkansas despite the fact that they’ve never visited those states and issued an e-fatwah against Blanche Lincoln.

Apparently, the Democratic primary voters in Arkansas don’t read DailyKos or Jane Hampsher much.  After getting the most votes in the primary election, Blanche Lincoln repeats it by beating DailyKos twice.

Cementing its status as the premier site in understanding Arkansas politics, DailyKos front page diarist concludes that this, of course, means that the failure of their candidate makes this seat a likely GOP pickup.  After all, they’ve been soooo dead on in predictions so far in Arkansas.

The DailyKos community ignored Jennifer Brunner for the failed campaign of John Corzine in New Jersey, the hopeless campaign in Virginia Craigh Deeds (even though Deeds ran a decidedly more anti-Obama campaign than Lincoln did) only to be told that they were focusing all their efforts to a primary challenge to Democratic incumbent in a Southern state in a pro-GOP national environment. 

This is the same site sucking sour grapes tonight about how they won’t lift a finger to support the Democratic nominee who, the day BEFORE our primary had a front-page diarist smearing Jennifer Brunner by pushing a highly misleading attack of Jennifer Brunner for not… wait for it… pledging to support the Democratic nominee whomever it may be.  Some folks have noticed that I’ve written some posts that went after Rob Portman and promoted Lee Fisher and have asked me how I could do this after being so strong for Brunner.  And, I’ll tell you why.  There’s very little I hold against Lee Fisher because I know that what he did was the result of the fact that he was running against Brunner and that made them political rivals.

The group I am still outraged and still upset with for how they treated Brunner was the national progressive netroots like DailyKos.  They attacked Brunner and went after her campaign for no particular reason at all.  Like the diary the day before the primary, when folks actually in Ohio (including self-professed Fisher supporters) pointed out their errors, they refused to back down.  Instead, they told us supporting a primary challenge to a Democratic incumbent who didn’t vote as they saw fit was more important than promoting the most progressive candidate in an open seat primary in a far more critical battleground state.

And before you fire off your missive about how unfair I’m being to DailyKos, just answer this question first: do you honestly think that Joe Lieberman didn’t get worse after being primaried by DailyKos?

Because if the answer to that question is anything other than a simple “Yes,” then we all know how rational a person you really are.

  • Adrienne

    Hey Guys,

    Someone wrote a good post on dk this am…Morning Feature:

  • Linda Gallagher

    I visit Daily Kos on a regular basis and have not detected any anti-Brunner sentiment. In fact, I have read many pro-Brunner diaries on their site. Lincoln was a major roadblock for the single payer option and has shown herself to be on the side of big business, even if it is not in the best interest of the people of Arkansas. If politicians aren't shown that their behavior has consequences – then why vote at all? All elections are national elections. You might want to question how rational a person YOU really are.

  • modernesquire

    Most of the diaries you read in favor of Brunner were written by folks like myself who were actually in Ohio. The frontpages Laura from N.H., “Adam B.”, and Kos himself were downright hostile to Brunner.

    All politics is local. Not national.

    The idea that Blanche Lincoln was a major roadblock of a public option that didn't have the votes in the Senate even if Lincoln did support it (Baccus, Lieberman, Nelson, ring any bells), a public option that enjoyed tepid, at best, support from the White House is a DailyKos created fiction.

    Lincoln's real sin was that she was more vocal about her lack of support for a public option than other Democratic Senators were willing to be.

    But I fail to see how this was the unpardonable sin when she was not alone in killing the public option. Regardless, are you honestly saying that we here in Ohio are better judges of whether Lincoln represents the interest of Democrats in Arkansas than the majority Democrats in Arkansas who voted for her?

    How's that for rational?

  • Linda

    I went back through Kos diaries trying to find something negative about Brunner and after searching for about 20 minutes – I gave up. I did see where someone wrote about Brunner stating that she gave the zero sign, when asked how much campaigning she would do for Fisher. I agree that it was misleading and after it was pointed out that her current position was the reason why she did not campaign for ANY candidate; and, yes, they should have retracted and they did not. That has been the only thing that I have been able to find. BTW, I voted for Brunner, convinced many other people to vote for her and even drove people to the polls to vote for her. I was extremely disappointed when she lost the election. I will, however, vote for Fisher in the general election.

    As for Lincoln's real sin being that she was vocal about the public option, that was just one of many. She also voted against cap and trade. She voted against reconciliation of health care reform. She objected to cutting out bankers as the middle-men in student loan system – which would have made more money available for student loans. I think that a Democrat who stand on the Senate floor and threaten to filibuster with the Republicans on the healthcare bill, is not the sort of Democrat who will serve our party well. I lived in Arkansas for many years of my life. My father lived there for most of his life and my step-mother still lives there. No, I do not think that Blanche Lincoln represents the interest of Democrats in Arkasas. Just because she was elected, does not mean that she is the best candidate for the people of Arkansas. Eight years of George Bush is a good illustration of that theory.

    I was happy to find Plunderbund, as I am new at the political scene. I was glad to find a progressive blog, with a local flavor. I feel that as a progressive, I have an obligation to try to further progressive causes – such as the public option. Being ticked off at an entire blog (Daily Kos) because of the postings of a few sounds sort of counter-productive to me – and in keeping with the theme – not very rational. But, hey it's your outrage – have at it. Just saying you might have a nicer evening if you just smile, take a deep breath, let it out, and let it go. You seem like a bright person – I look forward to reading more of your diaries.

  • anastasjoy

    Linda, you needed to look a little harder. The site — specifically Laura Clawson, Steve Singiser and Adam Bonin — relentlessly attacked Jennifer over that “sore loser” thing for the last two days before the election, generating a lot of hostility toward her among people who didn't know the back story and despite numerous people here in state — and Jennifer herself — correcting the story. Instead, they dug their heels in and clung to it. It was frontpaged TWICE – once by Clawson, once in a shorter item by Singiser. That gives it a lot more prominence that simply someone's random diary.
    In addition, Adam B and about 4-5 other posters constantly hijacked positive diaries about what Jennifer was doing to insult and smear her, and to attack people who supported her. They were doing this for the entire last month of the campaign. They were a constant downer presence, trying to derail discussions and cast doubt on Jennifer. I have rarely seen anything like this over there, it was so transparently coordinated. It's considered bad form to hijack candidate diaries like that, ones that not only don't attack but don't even mention the opponent.

    Unlike Modern, I don't see evidence that Kos himself was on the “destroy Jennifer” bandwagon, but those three I mentioned definitely were.

    As for Lincoln, Modern, I think you seriously underrate how bad she is, and how unpopular in Arkansas (Her approval is scary low). I think you simultaneously assign DailyKos too much power and try to knock it as having no influence. Much of the progressive effort to derail Lincoln had little to do with DailyKos; if the site had been the only source of organizing for Halter, the effort would have gone no where. Yet, combined progressive forces — many in Arkansas — nearly derailed a sitting senator with a mountain of money, special interests like the Chamber of Commerce behind her and two presidents stumping for her — and she STILL came within a few points of losing. In my mind, that is pretty impressive, and I don't consider it a loss for progressives at all. However, I wouldn't give DailyKos too much credit — or too much blame for the ultimate loss. They certainly played a role, but not a crucial one.

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