From the daily archives: Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fresh after the victory of successfully electing Ned Lamont into the U.S. Senate, thus ending all problems Joe Lieberman had been causing progressives, Jane Hampsher/DailyKos decide that they know better who could carry Arkansas despite the fact that they’ve never visited those states and issued an e-fatwah against Blanche Lincoln.

Apparently, the Democratic primary voters in Arkansas don’t read DailyKos or Jane Hampsher much.  After getting the most votes in the primary election, Blanche Lincoln repeats it by beating DailyKos twice.

Cementing its status as the premier site in understanding Arkansas politics, DailyKos front page diarist concludes that […]

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The Associated Press reports that Standard Energy and American Municipal Power have reached a multi-state deal to create solar power plants for municipal power utilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia. 

Construction will begin this year and end in five.  This project will generate a total of 300 megawatts via solar power among the six states.

You can read more about the 30-year plan at the companies’ joint press release here.

Last fall, ground was broken on a massive solar farm in Upper Sandusky that will power 6,000 homes and generate […]

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According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, before the Ohio House went into its summer recess, the House Primary and Secondary Education Subcommittee asked…. asked executives from White Hat Management to appear in front his subcommittee to give testimony on whether Ohio’s charter school laws give for-profit companies like White Hat Management too much power and leverage over charter schools.

White Hat declined the invitation to testify, likely because of the pending lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the same statute.

I’ve got a piece of advice for Subcommittee Chairman Stephen Dyer (D-Green).

If a party won’t appear to testify in […]

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Seriously, what’s with the etheral white background?  What focus group told John Kasich to go with the white background to accept his golf tan?

What’s the direction of this video?

“John you need to sound more pumped, randomly jump around this white plane of purgatory like you’re waiting for your next bonus check from Lehman Bros. Perfect!?”

“Oh, and be sure to tell them that we need some ideas for the campaign because we have none.”

John Kasich has no ideas…. he just admitted it from his Youtube video alter.

Seriously, while it’s funny to mock how […]

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(HT: Dave Harding at Progress Ohio)

Within days of the recount in the GOP primary being called off with former Taft Agriculture Director/’08 nominee Fred Daily concede to freshman State Senator Bob Gibbs, the Zack Space congressional campaign wasted no time taking a swing at Gibbs with a fore-star attack ad that will have Gibbs asking for a mulligan on the GOP primary.

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Notice how Kevin DeWhine, the Columbus Dispatch, John Kasich and his Boy Wonder, the Carpetblogger, have all been trying to make some sinister “criminal sounding” plot out of a public employees union supporting a politician because that politician has been a supporter of the union’s public policy proposals?

Finally, Mark Naymik of the Cleveland Plain Dealer smacks it down:

Federal law says union dues, or general revenue, cannot be given to politicians or political parties, or spent on candidate advertising.

A union’s political action committee — like AFSCME’s — is funded primarily not by dues, but […]

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Just wonderin’.

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Since we appear to be on a GBLT kick this week, I’ll toss this little tidbit out – children of lesbian couples score better on social and educational tests.

Compared with a group of control adolescents born to heterosexual parents with similar educational and financial backgrounds, the children of lesbian couples scored better on academic and social tests and lower on measures of rule-breaking and aggression.

A previous study of same-sex parenting, based on long-term health data, also found no difference in the health of children in either group.

“This confirms what most developmental scientists have suspected,” says Stephen […]

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As an internet video dude often paid to consult on such matters, this one isn’t bad at all.  A bit long, but I think it’s good.

In other news, did anyone see that Josh Mandel was at an event with birther queen Orly Taitz recently?  Interesting!

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(HT: Stuff Queer People Need to Know)

The documentary In the States has recently produced its segment regarding Ohio:

From the gay marriage ban in 2004 to passing HB 167 in the Ohio House, we’ve made significant strides in GLBT issues.

Equality Ohio has not given up the fight to have the State Senate take up HB 167.  However, it was assigned by Senate President Bill Harris to the Senate Rules Committee in he chairs.  It has been given no hearings since assigned there last September.

In the final week of […]

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