Dave Harding at Progress Ohio corrected me on my post from this morning. John Kasich was wrong in naming three no-income tax States as “the fastest growing states in the country, job creating states.”

(Chart courtesy of Dave Harding at Progress Ohio)

Of the four no-income tax States Kasich named as “leading the nation in jobs” (Nevada, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas), two of them actually have unemployment significantly higher than Ohio.  Tennessee only has an unemployment rate less than half a percentage point better than Ohio.

When you name only four States, and three of them are doing worse or essentially as bad as Ohio’s unemployment, then there’s no real debate that repealing the income tax is a solution to Ohio’s unemployment situation.  Kasich plan requires, at best, three gubernatorial terms and BILLIONS in lost revenue.  And the reality is that there’s no objective basis to believe that it will improve Ohio’s economy at all.

In fact, you know all those rankings from Chief Executive Magazine that John Kasich and the Blogfather love so much?  Well, Tennessee is in the top five in their rankings and it has pretty much the same unemployment rate as Ohio. 

You know what else Nevada and Tennessee do lead the nation in?  Bankruptcy filings per capita.  Tennessee is also fourth in the nation in infant mortality per capita.  Texas and Tennessee lead the nation in people living below the poverty line.  Nevada and Texas is at the bottom in home ownership.  Tennessee and Florida are behind in Ohio in median household income, too!

How popular is being one of the seven States in the nation without an income tax?  Well, the State of Washington is thinking about dropping out of this exclusive club.  There’s a proposed initiative to implement an income tax that polling shows is widely popular.

It would be just swell if the Ohio media would actually report these facts in the tax debate. Or at least, point out how grossly wrong John Kasich is on the facts on his so-called “fastest growing States.”

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