Former John Kasich staffer, current and lifelong suckling on the government teat, Homeland Security consultant and Carpetblogger (R-VA), Jon Keeling, officially puts the final shovel of dirt onto the sorry grave of his party’s lie-filled manufactured scandella of concocted Escher drawing proportions.  Must have been tough to see that even the RGA sold the whole filthy pile of dung down the river.  You can almost hear the tears dripping onto Keeling’s keyboard.

As pathetically repulsive as this particular behavioral pattern of Republicanism has become, you have to kind of, almost, sorta respect the total Republican commitment to verifiable, wild-eyed, frothing at the mouth, selling of utter fiction.  They’re like a literary salon in pre-revolutionary France – say anything dear, as long as it’s not true.  Pass the beaujolais.  As a creation entirely of John Kasich’s political ambition, the Carpetblog will certainly disappear from the blogosphere forever after Kasich goes down in flames.  So don’t worry, Keeling, there’s only 5 months left before you never have to blog again.

Send in the next flaming hypocrite.

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