Watch this poor Fox Toledo reporter try to get John Kasich to talk specifics:

He can’t do it.  Four times the reporter asks him, on camera, to give specifics.  KasichBot does not compute.

It’s a simple question: instead of talking platitudes and vague buzzwords, tell us what you’re going to do.

You say you’re going to shrink government…. how?  Where?  Get rid of the Agriculture Department?  Jobs and Family Services?  Disband the Highways Patrol? If its the overhead you say Ohio needs to cut, then why can’t you tell us where it is?

Florida and Nevada are not the fastest growing States economically.  In fact, quite the opposite.  Per capita, Texans pay more in taxes.  They have higher sales and property taxes and all sorts of “special” taxes we here in Ohio don’t have.   They also have a robust oil industry that is taxed heavily.  What works in Texas won’t work in Ohio… we don’t have a major industry like oil that Texas and Alaska tax instead of having an individual income tax. I honestly don’t know how Kasich can sit during an interview and not be called out on this chancery. 

This stupid restaurant analogy again.  Will somebody please tell Chairman Kasich that over the last four years, Ohio has “cut prices”, as he puts it, 17%?  He keeps claiming that taxes have gone up during Strickland’s term and nobody calls him on this obvious lie.  It’s sad to think that he’s sitting across from someone who calls himself a journalist and yet, he’s never confronted with this obvious error in his reasoning.

Again, the reporter asks him where the revenue comes from to replace the phased out income tax…. Yet again, John Kasich cannot give a simple, direct answer.  Instead, he tries changing the question.

He says he still supports eliminating the income tax, but then admits he has no real plan for how to do it… he then blasts politicians who “kick the can” of tough choices down the road.  All in one response.  It’s schizophrenic.

Ohio led the nation in private sector job growth in April, but you wouldn’t know that listening to Kasich.  Four minutes, four times Kasich is asked to give specifics and he cannot do it.  Even worse, on basic facts of his signature issue, Kasich repeatedly states objectively false information.

Kasich really is not a smart guy.  He’s just easily programmable to “sell” his talking points.  Get him just an inch out of his comfort zone where he doesn’t have a pre-programmed response, and he starts to break down.  I mean how smart can a guy be to call Florida and Nevada the fastest growing states when they continue to have an unemployment rate higher than Ohio and trending towards worse than Michigan?!?  These are embarrassing gaffes, not just simply little errors.  They reveal an out-of-touch and misinformed mind.

Why else do you think that Kasich cannot offer a plan for Ohio?  Because he really doesn’t have one. How can he have a plan when he apparently doesn’t even have the slightest clue what the heck he’s talking about?

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