The Gay Peoples Chronicle reports that a hearing was held to adding the term “significant other” to Ohio’s Administrate Codes dealing with family and bereavement leave for state employees.

The definition, according to Equality Ohio, identifies a “significant other” as “one who stands in place of a spouse and who resides with the employee.”

Governor Strickland was the first Ohio Governor to issue an executive order that prohibited employment discrimination by the State on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.  He was a strong supporter of HB 176 which would have added sexual orientation and gender identity to Ohio’s anti-discrimination laws.  The bill passed the State House with bipartisan support, but has predictably stalled in the State Senate who cares more about prohibiting things like animal-human hybrids that don’t exists than actual discrimination practices that do exist.

You know that state health care bill I mentioned earlier?  It included tax benefits for the purchase of employer-based health care insurance for a household, which included same-sex partners. (HT: Strickland-Brown campaign website.)

What do you think will happen to these advancements if John Kasich and Mary Taylor win in November?

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