On Friday, the Governor signed an executive order that requires health insurance carriers to provide parents with specific information about the availability of coverage to add or keep unmarried children on their insurance policies up to the age of 28 for an additional fee.

This expanded coverage comes not as a result of the federal health care reform bill, but from the passage of HB 1 that requires health insurance companies to cover adult dependents up to age 28 beginning at the first of July.  From the Governor’s press release:

“While the federal health care reforms will considerably reduce the number of Ohioans without health insurance in the coming years, we continue to make health care more accessible and affordable to our residents at the state level as well,” Strickland said.  “Making it easier for young Ohioans to remain on their parents’ health insurance plans for a longer period of time will increase the number of citizens with access to coverage and encourage our talented young people to build their lives and careers right here in Ohio.”

“Families will soon be faced with many decisions on how to provide coverage for their adult children,” said Ohio Department of Insurance Director Mary Jo Hudson.  “It’s vital that parents get as much information from their insurance companies as possible so they can make informed decisions on the best possible coverage available to them.”

House Bill 1 (which actually passed the State Senate because it was the State budget) also included a rate-cap on individual coverage for those with pre-existing health conditions; a timetable for small employers to permit their worker to purchase health insurance with pre-tax dollars, and “extending the State’s mini-COBRA so small business employees can maintain health benefits for themselves and their families in the event they become unemployed.”

Ohioans with questions concerning the new health care reform laws are encouraged to contact the Department of Insurance by calling 1-800-686-1526. Free information can also be obtained at http://www.insurance.ohio.gov/Consumer/Pages/StateReforms.aspx

So how much longer before John Kasich and Mike DeWine start campaigning on repealing this health care reform, too?

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