From the daily archives: Monday, June 7, 2010

Politico gives you today’s Democratic favorite news story of the day: Republicans suddenly afraid that Orly Taitz might be on their statewide ticket in the fall.

“It’d be a disaster for the Republican party,” says James Lacy, a conservative GOP operative in the state. “Can you imagine if [gubernatorial candidate] Meg Whitman and [candidate for Lt. Gov.] Abel Maldonado — both of whom might have a chance to win in November — had to run with Orly Taitz as secretary of state, who would make her cockamamie issues about Obama’s birth certificate problems at the forefront of her […]

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Dave Harding at Progress Ohio corrected me on my post from this morning. John Kasich was wrong in naming three no-income tax States as “the fastest growing states in the country, job creating states.”

(Chart courtesy of Dave Harding at Progress Ohio)

Of the four no-income tax States Kasich named as “leading the nation in jobs” (Nevada, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas), two of them actually have unemployment significantly higher than Ohio.  Tennessee only has an unemployment rate less than half a percentage point better than Ohio.

When you name only four States, and three of […]

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The Gay Peoples Chronicle reports that a hearing was held to adding the term “significant other” to Ohio’s Administrate Codes dealing with family and bereavement leave for state employees.

The definition, according to Equality Ohio, identifies a “significant other” as “one who stands in place of a spouse and who resides with the employee.”

Governor Strickland was the first Ohio Governor to issue an executive order that prohibited employment discrimination by the State on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.  He was a strong supporter of HB 176 which would have added sexual orientation […]

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Sometimes, when you browse the Google that John Kasich invented while ending special interests influence in Washington forever, you come across a headline like this that if you’re like me gets your imagination running wild with possibilities  Like how exactly does one disrupt mating?  By patrolling Moth Makeout Point?  Calling them randomly?

But despite dreaming up six impossible things by breakfast, I never imagined that Ohio would fight a gypsy moth infestation with a chemical that turns the male moths gay, which sounds like a weird plot line from a political satire […]

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On Friday, the Governor signed an executive order that requires health insurance carriers to provide parents with specific information about the availability of coverage to add or keep unmarried children on their insurance policies up to the age of 28 for an additional fee.

This expanded coverage comes not as a result of the federal health care reform bill, but from the passage of HB 1 that requires health insurance companies to cover adult dependents up to age 28 beginning at the first of July.  From the Governor’s press release:

“While the federal health care reforms will considerably […]

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According to Rasmussen, the race for Ohio Governor went from 46% Kasich to 45% Strickland (essentially tied for the past two months) to suddenly a five-point race in Kasich’s favor.  However, the poll has a margin of error of 4.5% (which is actually rather high).  Given that Kasich’s numbers have shown no movement for months (according to Rasmussen), and Strickland’s movement is within the margin of error of his results in the past two Rasmussen polls and all other polling shows Strickland with the momentum, it’s likely that this result is statistical noise and not real movement.

Regardless, […]

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Former John Kasich staffer, current and lifelong suckling on the government teat, Homeland Security consultant and Carpetblogger (R-VA), Jon Keeling, officially puts the final shovel of dirt onto the sorry grave of his party’s lie-filled manufactured scandella of concocted Escher drawing proportions.  Must have been tough to see that even the RGA sold the whole filthy pile of dung down the river.  You can almost hear the tears dripping onto Keeling’s keyboard.

As pathetically repulsive as this particular behavioral pattern of Republicanism has become, you have to kind of, almost, sorta respect the total Republican commitment to verifiable, […]

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Two weeks ago, Jack Torry wrote a column titled “Kasich and Portman need to fire a response before hope is lost” (emphasis added) in which he lamented the Democratic attacks against former Bush “free trade” czar Rob Portman and Mr. Wall Street John Kasich because they were effective lines to attack them.

Ever since then, Torry has been trying to make the case that Rob Portman’s trade deals have been great, just great, for Ohio.

Today, he penned another story that I cannot tell is intended to be an editorial column or a news story, “Facts […]

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Watch this poor Fox Toledo reporter try to get John Kasich to talk specifics:

He can’t do it.  Four times the reporter asks him, on camera, to give specifics.  KasichBot does not compute.

It’s a simple question: instead of talking platitudes and vague buzzwords, tell us what you’re going to do.

You say you’re going to shrink government…. how?  Where?  Get rid of the Agriculture Department?  Jobs and Family Services?  Disband the Highways Patrol? If its the overhead you say Ohio needs to cut, then why can’t you tell us where it is?

Florida and […]

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John Kasich and Rob Portman have so far ran an entirely substance free campaign.  Unprecedentedly so.  In fact, the vacuum of policy pronouncements is so bad from the GOP ticket that when John Kasich signs a conservative groups “No tax hike” pledge, it’s treated like a “plan” and not a promise.  Even more absurdly, Kasich signed the pledge without any question of how he’d possibly fulfill it given the projected budget deficit (projected by his own running mate, no less) while attacking a Governor who, in reality, was able to guide a 17% across the board cut in the State’s […]

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… jingoistic propaganda for the USA v England World Cup match this Saturday.

Personally, I’m about out-of-my-mind with anticipation. This commercial makes me want to strap on my boots and go to war. (And might actually un-ruin the Gadsden Flag. Thanks for co-opting that awesome flag for your batshit insane political movement, Tea Baggers!)

If you are looking to have some fun and watch the game with a crowd instead of from your couch, come on down to either Crew Stadium or Claddagh Irish Pub on Front Street on Saturday. Come early, ready to drink, and ready to sing! […]

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