On Thursday Senate Republicans voted to end the inmate work program at the Governor’s residence. This was, of course, an obvious political play to get some extra cycles out of the recent story about two inmates caught drinking at the residence. I’m not exactly sure how they think this will embarrass the Governor, but that seems to be their objective. It is an election year, after all.

It’s pretty unlikely the bill will ever be taken up by the House let alone pass. But this type of action clearly shows that Senate Republicans are more interested in scoring political points than actually doing their jobs. It also shows that Senate Republicans can talk a good game when it comes to cutting state spending – but their actions don’t in any way reflect their words.

The first thing I thought when this bill came up in the Senate was: Jesus! How much is THAT going to cost?

It turns out The Dispatch ran the numbers and the total cost of replacing the current inmate staff would be $281,000 a year.

Do these guys EVER think about the implications of the legislation they propose?