The Chillicothe Gazette covered another series of public events local Democratic officials have been hold to highlight what John Kasich’s income tax repeal would mean for local government budgets (and, therefore, likely local homeowners’ property tax rates!)

One of the sponsors of State Representative John Adams’ bill, which calls for a ten-year timeline now says he did it because…

But State Rep. David Daniels, R-Greenfield, said the bill isn’t even close to being passed. He signed on as a co-sponsor of the legislation.

“I just wanted to allow discussion on ways to make Ohio more competitive,” Daniels said. “I want us to become the economic powerhouse we once were.”

Daniels understands the concern about where the lost revenue would be made up.

“Where the rest of the money would come from obviously has to be a part of the discussion,” he said.

Daniels said other states successfully have eliminated their state income tax, and he wanted to at least allow the possibility to be discussed in the Statehouse.

He cautioned the bill is not close to its final form and is still in preliminary discussions.

“This is still just a conception; there hasn’t even been proponent testimony yet,” Daniels said. “With all the problems we’re facing including job loss, why not have a discussion about something that will make us more competitive?”

Lol. Some apparently tricked Rep. Daniels into thinking that the House couldn’t debate a bill unless he sponsored it.  ROTFL.

Now he’s all like  “Whoa! Dude, I never said I supported this income tax repeal thing.  I just wanted to rap about it, man.”

Meanwhile, Daniels also validated our concerns that John Kasich should let us know how he plans on paying for his reckless tax repeal:

“Where the rest of the money would come from obviously has to be a part of the discussion,” he said.

I’ll tell you where the money comes from a combination of higher local sales, income, and property taxes AND massive cuts in government services.  It’s the only way possible.

John Kasich= higher local taxes.  It’s just that simple.  If you want to see more property levies, higher city income taxes and higher sales taxes, John Kasich is your guy.

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