When he was in Congress, Chairman Kasich was rated voting with the Vietnam Veterans of America only 33% of the time.  (Conversely, during that same period, Ted Strickland was scored as supporting the interest of the Vietnam Veterans of America, 67% percent of the time.  According to Project Vote Smart, Strickland was constantly rated as voting with the Disabled Veterans of America, 100% of the time, and the American Legion 80% of the time)

In 1994, John Kasich actually voted against the appropriation bill for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

You can read about Governor Strickland’s record for veteran’s at his campaign website about how Gov. Strickland has improved the efficiency of state services for veterans and improved state higher education benefit programs for veterans.  You can find Congressman Kasich’s plan for how Ohio can help veterans no where because he has no plan.

Last weekend was Memorial Day, a day to honor our fallen patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  By all accounts, John Kasich did not make any public appearances in Ohio to honor our fallen soldiers.  On the other hand, Governor Strickland marched in the longest running Memorial Day parade in the nation with State Treasurer Kevin Boyce and Democratic Secretary of State candidate Maryellen O’Shaughnessy.

Where was John Kasich and why has nobody in the media asked him where he was?

The prevailing story is that Kasich wasn’t even in Ohio during Memorial Day.  Instead, he was at a New York fundraiser with his Wall Street buddies.  Maybe it was just a Lehman Bros. Alumni Association.

Regardless, it would be nice if someone in the media asked why John Kasich didn’t participate in a single Memorial Day event in Ohio.  I sure hope it wasn’t for a Wall Street fundraiser.

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