John Kasich is a career politician.  Even during his eight years with Lehman Brothers, he continued to write his political books and improve his national political exposure on Fox News.  Like most career politicians (who’s only “private” experience is with Fox News (ha!) and a company that was driven into the largest bankruptcy in the history of America), Kasich has the annoying habit of telling what he thinks his audience wants to hear.

Here’s John Kasich apologizing to a Tea Party rally crowd for voting in favor of the 1994 assault weapons ban:

Kasich: I voted for that provision.  I thought it would do some good.  I was wrong. . . . I agree with the NRA more times than my wife…  Bottom line is [motioning to representative of Buckeye Firearms Association], I’m with you.

Here’s John Kasich in the New York Times over the weekend:

Mr. Kasich, a former host of a conservative talk show on Fox News, received poor marks from the N.R.A. for supporting the assault weapons ban, which he points to as proof of his independence.

Apologetically calls it a mistake to the Tea Party crowd, but then proudly crows about it to the New York Times.  That’s John Kasich in a nutshell.

Now we know why his last book was titled “Stand for Something.”

(HT: Matt Naugle at Right Ohio)

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