Well, that didn’t take long.  I now know why Rob Portman has been entirely silent about the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico– he’s been paid well to keep quiet about it.

Despite running in a Midwestern state not known for having a vibrant oil industry, Rob Portman has accepted over $125,000 from the oil and gas industries’ PACs. Specifically, Portman has already accepted several thousands of dollars from Halliburton’s PAC.  In fact, Portman’s campaign most recently accepted $1,000 from Hailliburton’s PAC as recently as May 3rd when the national media began to question Halliburton’s role in the massive oil spill in the Gulf.

Politico today reported that as Halliburton’s role in the Gulf spill has come under public scrutiny, the company’s PAC has stepped up its campaign donations, particularly giving donations to members of Congressional committees that have launched investigations and hearings into Halliburton’s role.  Rob Portman is one of the few donations by Halliburton to candidates who aren’t on those committees or already in Congress.

I mean we shouldn’t be surprised, though.  Rob Portman spent the entire second term of the Bush Administration shilling for an old oil man’s disastrous policies…

Well, yeah, I guess I couldn’t write about Halliburton and not mention that guy.  But that’s not who I meant….

Portman and Bush

Yeah, that one…

So, really given that Rob Portman spent four years working to promote the policies of the Halliburton Administration, should we in Ohio really be surprised at Portman’s utter silence on the greatest environment catastrophe in American history that just happens to involve an industry that is a major financial backer of his campaign.  Then again, maybe I’m being unfair to Chairman Portman….

Any comment, Mr. Portman?