Lt. Gov./Democratic nominee Lee Fisher, via e-mail, is attacking the Republicans in the Senator for opposing Democratic efforts to raise (note: not eliminate) the caps on oil companies like BP responsible for catastrophic spills.

It is outrageous that Republicans would fight to cap oil company liability and accountability before the spill itself has even been capped.

If oil companies don’t pay to clean up this spill, who do you think will? Taxpayers.

Incidents like this are what make it seem like there’s one set of rules for the big guys and a whole other set for hardworking regular people.

But who makes those special rules? Washington insiders like Congressman Rob Portman.

While Ohioans were at home trying to support their families, Congressman Portman was in Washington writing the special rules that let giant corporations offshore Ohio jobs.

If he goes back to Washington, do you think he’ll be on your side? Or do you think he’ll join the rest of the Republicans making more special rules?

It’s time to tell Congress: no more special rules for the big guys.

Despite his decades in public office, I’ve never considered Fisher a populist.  He’s clearly claiming that mantle.  It’s also refreshing to see that Fisher out front on an issue without being lead by the nose by Jennifer Brunner anymore.

Fisher’s Republican opponent, has made no statement about the BP spill on his campaign website, Twitter account, or Facebook page.  Nothing. 

Read his “official” statement regarding the nomination of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Think you have any idea of how Portman would vote based on that statement?

It’s about time that the media started to, I dunno, actually cover Rob Portman as a candidate.  I mean, there’s an entire political debate over trade and its impact on the Ohio economy, and we have virtually no media spotlight on the former trade representative for the Bush II Administration that helped the Republican Congress pass one bad trade deal after another.

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