Here’s John Kasich in 2006 on the Colbert Report dismissing the gay marriage amendment as a significant factor in the 2004 Presidential election:

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John Kasich has never been a darling of the social conservative scene as much as he was a darling of economic conservatives.  Sure, Kasich voted pro-life and against “teh gays” whenever it came up, but he’s hardly been a Phil Burress-type of crusader.

Now here’s John Kasich’s new book, timed to come out just during his gubernatorial campaign:

Every Other Monday is an honest look at how to build faith and find solace, even during the most heartbreaking circumstances, and offers a template for reconsidering how we make everyday choices as well as life-changing decisions. Along with rousing personal anecdotes and poignant memories, Kasich shares some of the group’s frank discussions on the major themes found in the Bible—and in our daily lives.

Yep.  Meet John Kasich, the Christian “values” candidate.

And with that John Kasich has completed his transformation to Ken Blackwell.

Poll results and all.

John Kasich=Ken Blackwell.

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