The Carpetblogger’s continues his streak of being a cheerleader for failure.  Now, he’s attacking a favorable jobs report before it’s even been released!

Jon Keeling hates Democrats so much he cannot cheer good economic news if it doesn’t benefit his party.  It’s sickening.  What did Keeling have to say about the fact that Ohio is leading the nation in job creation last month…. Let me refresh your memory:

{{crickets chirping}}

Now, he’s complaining that Friday’s job report is going to inflated by some 400,000 temporary Census jobs.

I’ve got news for Keeling, the economy doesn’t care why people are working as much as it cares that people are working, thus feel economically secure enough to consume, which drives up production, which drives up the demand for… more private sector jobs.

But even if you take out the census jobs you’re left with:

Zandi expects that only 150,000 of the jobs created in May will come from the private sector . . .

Why is that not important, Keeling?

The economy needs to add roughly 100,000 jobs every month in order to create enough jobs to accommodate population growth.

During the recession, millions of people dropped out of the workforce and quit looking for jobs.

As they return, the economy will need to create even more jobs to accommodate all of the people looking for work.

In other words, even in private sector job growth alone, the expectation is that May’s job growth was sufficient to handle the number of “underemployed” who are re-entering the job market because they sense that the economy is better.  And for good reason.  Keeling conveniently leaves out these key paragraphs from The Hill:

The economy created more than 200,000 jobs in March and April, and a surprisingly large number of the jobs represented hiring by the private sector. (emphasis added.)

Zandi expects private-sector job growth to remain around 150,000 through the fall, which he expects would eventually put the unemployment rate above 10 percent again. 

Overall, he expects strong job growth. 

In an e-mail, he projected “what should be very strong labor force growth as workers step back into the job market given the increasing number of job opportunities.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I would think that three months of solid national private sector job growth with a prediction that it will continue through the fall would be considered a good thing for everyone.  And even if you’re a partisan person who views everything within a political framework, you’d at least think it’s a good thing for Democrats.  And, frankly, I’m okay that unemployment may stay higher for longer because people who had given up looking for work months ago now are looking again with renewed optimism.  I’d rather have those folks looking for work and then working than not looking for work and not working.  Wouldn’t Keeling?

Weren’t we, at some point, have to go through a flood of “underemployed” people start looking for work again as the job market improves before we could say that we, as a nation, have recovered from this recession?  Isn’t it good news for Americans that this is what is occurring?

I just cannot understand people who are just so partisan that they have to deny any good economic news that shows that not only is our economy growing again, it’s creating robust job growth that will eventually end our unemployment/underemployment crisis.

I just cannot get how someone could be that partisan.  I’m sorry that John Kasich’s entire electoral strategy was to hope that there’d be no hope for Ohioans in the economy come November, but I think he’ll be just fine continuing to draw checks for books nobody reads and guest hosting on Fox News.

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  • Oh for those halcyon days when Republicans thought talking down the economy was wrong…

  • Decent point, Eric. However…

    Recall that Democrats were talking down the economy when unemployment was under 5 percent and stocks were at a record high (October 2007 – one month before Dems won Congress, remember all that “worst economy since the Great Depression” stuff?)

    It's all just a stupid little game to these people. The party that's out of power whines about stuff and points fingers. That's how it works. Both parties do it; it's really kind of silly to trash Republicans for doing exactly what Democrats spent Bush's two terms doing.

    If, as so many Democrats claimed at the time, the 2002-2008 economy really was the “worst since the Great Depression,” would this not be the “worst economy since the worst economy since the Great Depression”?

  • Well the difference being of course we were mostly right about what the Reagan/Bush/Bush policies get us. However, the Obama policies (despite the caterwauling) are showing signs of turning things around from the brink of total collapse that was laid at our feet by Republicans. Why talk that down?

    So if I stipulate and agree that it's mostly political gamesmanship will you then agree with me that you guys are a bunch of intellectually dishonest douchebags? I'm not sure you can have it both ways.

    We've been warning for YEARS that all this free market ahoy horseshit and deregulation would lead to the precise type of crisis we are in now, from Lehman Brothers to BP across the board. Republicans are now trying to out fox us by acting like they were nowhere near the henhouse.

  • Yes, elected Republicans, for the most part, are a bunch of intellectually-dishonest douchebags. Most politicians are. They talk a good game, but they had a chance to do all the things they’re talking about now and failed.

    Specifically, I assume you are talking about “tax cuts for the Rich” and deficit spending when you talk about “failed” Reagan/Bush/Bush policies. Fine. That’s your opinion.

    Barack Obama and the Democrat Congress, it would seem, should raise taxes on rich people and balance the federal budget. They have failed to do these things and are unlikely to do them anytime soon, from the looks of things. Are you willing to say that they (politicians, also, keep in mind) are also intellectually-dishonest douchebags? If I “can’t have it both ways” (nevermind that I’m not trying, I can’t stand Republicans), surely you agree that you cannot, either.

    My guess…you will call me some kind of name and defend Democrats no matter what. Not sure why I’m bothering, to be honest…

  • mvirenicus

    LOL yeah. that guy. obama. partying with paul mccartney at the white house while the greatest ecological disaster in our nation's history takes place in the gulf. as far as i'm concerned this administration is bush 3 with some eloquence, although what good is that eloquence when it amounts to so much gas. ineptitude. no leadership. appalling. i hope the dems have someone lined up to run against him for the party nomination.

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