The day before the Ohio Senate primary, DailyKos front page diarist (and New Hampshire resident) Laura Clawson, wrote an inflammatory diary slamming Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner because of published comments she made about not endorsing or working to elect Lee Fisher, or any other candidate, as she had pledged she would not do in 2006.

Despite a howl of protests from actual progressives in Ohio who knew better and even after having the candidate herself explain why she had it wrong, Ms. Clawson refused to update her post that alleged that Jennifer Brunner was not a “team player.”

What’s happened since then?  Jennifer Brunner has announced that she’s creating a new political action committee, CouragePAC, to elect progressives in Ohio.

Lee Fisher has been AWOL any time lately that President Obama has come into town to talk about Lee Fisher’s signature issue: Jobs.  (Granted, last time it was to “recoup” from a primary election in which he didn’t seem to make many public appearances outside of television and to raise money in California.)

Tomorrow, we’re scheduled to participate in a blogger conference call about the Ohio Democratic Party’s coordinated campaign kickoff event on June 5 (see ad to the right of this post… Thanks!)

Guess which statewide campaign is curiously absent from the list of statewide campaigns participating?  Lee Fisher’s.

Now, hopefully this will change in less than 24 hours.  But if it does, it’s only because a blogger shamed them in working with the rest of the ticket.

I cannot recall a Senate campaign that was less interested in taking advantage of a statewide coordinate campaign as Lee Fisher’s campaign apparently is.

Fisher has been issuing a few press releases since the primary election on Wall Street reform passing the Senate, Rob Portman on trade, and GOP Senators bailing out BP.

But for some reason, although I’ve signed up to receive campaign updates from the Fisher campaign, I don’t get these releases.  Look, guys, the primary is over.  You won, but that just get you to the finals.

Lee Fisher has no significant constituency that, on its own, makes it possible for him to defeat Rob Portman.  If he tries to “go it alone,” he will definitely lose.  After framing himself as the “establishment” candidate so much in the Democratic primary, it’s curious to see Lee Fisher thumbing his nose for no real political benefit to himself now.

Lee, I know we were hard on ya, but you need us more than we need you.

It would be super duper awesome if you could find one of your paid staffers to participate in coordinated events with the ticket.

Hugs and kisses,


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