We moved to a different host this weekend. If you care, read the whole post.

OK, we completed the migration to a new host this weekend. This has been a long time coming. We’re still on a shared host, but a better one (we hope). PB has now been on no less than 3 different hosts since we started back in 2005.

Finding good web hosting is a bit like finding the casino in Vegas with the best odds. It’s pretty much a crap shoot with most shared hosting becoming at some point nearly unreliable. Blogads don’t earn us enough to drop $80-$100 per month on a dedicated box so we have to live with a shared environment in which most hosts overload their boxes with sites in order to maximize revenue and spread out their costs. The downside to those hosting their sites, of course, is slower response and periodic problems with an unrelated site which slows down or kills yours.

There’s a middle way that we’ll be continuing to monitor which is VPS, but for now will hope our new shared host is better than the last.

I’ve heard complaints for some time now (hell, two years?) that PB was slow and sometimes not available. This was from current bloggers who used to just be visitors. They took it more personally when they moved from visitors to being a part of the site and the complaints got louder. I had moved from a relatively reliable host who was smaller (Door County Networking) to Bluehost in order to consolidate some things and at the time I thought provide better hosting. Things were fine for a while but degraded over time to a point where we were experiencing slowness most all the time and site downtime nearly ever single day.

Enough was enough. We switched over the weekend to WebFaction on the advice of some work colleagues. So far we’ve been really happy with their service and support. Support was another area that I’ll let Joseph expand upon because he took the brunt of that. I’ve got the text messages and emails from him that contain several 4 letter words.

Bottom line is I wouldn’t recommend Bluehost at all. I will, in fact, steer people clear from it. Jury is still out on WebFaction, but so far so good.

Sorry if you’ve been experiencing slow response times or an inability to visit the site. We hope that this has been remedied and we really do appreciate the support we’re given from our readers!

– PlunderCrew